Gatsby Uncovered!

Could this be the Year of the bikini flapper? Matchbook goes Gatsby! (IMP)

matchbook gatsby bikinisgreat_gatsby_ver7_xlg

The IMP of Comedy…

Everybody’s gearing up for the Oscars, but the IMPies list of the best movie posters of 2012 is already out — with Ruby Sparks getting some serious love (designed by Bemis Balkind)!


Come Sail Away!

Until They Sail (French grande, 47×63) from Roger Soubie

until they sail small

Les Wiz!

With the latest incarnation of Les Miz booming at the box office, maybe Hollywood should remake another classic, The Wiz. (IMP)


‘Twas the Nighy Before Christmas…

Happy holidays to all — and enjoy this cinematic Christmas serenade from Bill Nighy in Love Actually

love actually christmas is all around me bill nighy

Piovano Paradiso!

Mario Piovano, one of the more unsung stylists of Italian movie poster design, has come up with some real beauties for his work done under the Paradiso Studio label. (Posterit)

Classy Belinsky

Constantin Belinsky, the Godfather of French B-movie action posters — and a frequent contributor to our beloved Kitchen Sink section — once started out with a very clean, elegant look for his posters as seen below in this early 1950s affiche.

However, possibly upon realizing that popular artists of the time such as Bernard Lancy, Henri Cerutti, and Herve Morvan had already perfected that look — he invented his own colorful style, thus moving onto bigger and bolder designs!

Twilight Rides Again!

I know all the kids are talking about that new Twilight movie — and it’s so nice to see that a Hollywood legend like Paul Newman still has staying power!

Gone With Le Vent…

Just in case you haven’t set eyes on the delicious movie poster collection of Eatbrie, then check out his latest French take on an American classic — the Thomas Hart Benton-like two-panel for Gone With the Wind by artist, Roger Soubie.