Baseball is Back!

MLB’s Opening Day is here!


Clint’s Next Pitch…

Fresh off his rabble-rousing GOP convention speech, it looks like Clint Eastwood’s Trouble With the Curve is taking the Moneyball approach to its one-sheets. Translation: this movie’s about more than just baseball.

Adventures in Babysitting 2011?

Fresh off his on-the-Moneyball portrayal, let’s hope that Jonah Hill’s new R-rated-looking PG-13 flick, The Sitter, is as funny and charming as the original PG’d Adventures In Babysitting (w/poster by Drew Struzan). (ImpAwards)

Play Moneyball!

moneyball bookI’m bummed. Was really looking forward to seeing how Steven Soderbergh was going to pull off the adaptation of Michael Lewis’s bestselling baseball book about the Oakland A’s, MONEYBALL, starring Brad Pitt — that is, before Sony decided to yank it out of sight.

But let’s hope Pitt & Soderbergh can come up with the dough sooner than later…

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