Franco-Italian Poster Smackdown!

Sometimes two different artists from two different countries — Clement Hurel (France) and Sandro Symeoni (Italy) — can come up with remarkably similar-looking posters for entirely different films…(KinoArt)

Bertrand, baby!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t dig up any biographical info on this French artist who goes by the name, Bertrand (not related to Yann Arthus-Bertrand or Bertrand Blier) — but his or her posters are definitely worth more than a thousand words…(Intemporel)

In Love With Loi?

Pigeot Posters

Not merely satisfied to feed off the crumbs from such 1940’s contemporaries as Bernard Lancy, Henri Cerutti, and Jacques Bonneaud, Pierre Pigeot spread his artistic wings, flying high with several Hollywood classics during his time, including Casablanca and Key Largo.

But if you really want to get a master class in Pigeot’s work (and many other French artists), be sure to check out Dominique Besson’s website, and drop her an email to download her latest catalog.

Meet The Sauvages…

Here’s some savagely beautiful sauvage (means “wild” in French) things from Boris Grinsson (top), Constantin Belinsky (The Wild One and bottom, middle), Roger Soubie (Hud, middle right), and Clement Hurel (bottom right)!

Jano vs. Nano

In boxing, they say styles make fights. Well, you could say the same thing about movie posters (although most movie poster fans are lovers not fighters.)

But if there were a brawl to break out among two International movie poster artists — Italian stallion, Silvano (“Nano”) Campeggi, and Spanish designer, Jano (Francisco Fernández Zarza), would be an excellent battle. (MoviePosterDB)

Grinsson Meets Gilda

As Julia Roberts’ movie star character once quoted Rita Hayworth in Notting Hill, “They go to bed with Gilda, but they wake up with me…”

Well, vintage movie poster fans should all be so lucky as Adrian Curry of MUBI recently posted a glamorous layout of Rita Hayworth posters done by Italian artist, Anselmo Ballester.

In response to Curry’s Rita rundown, I thought I’d share a few fabulous French versions of the actress beauty by Boris Grinsson –– courtesy of the wonderful poster blog, Art by Grinsson.

Yes, Siry!

If French poster artist, Jean-Etienne Siry, hadn’t been employed in the movie studio art department, he could have easily gotten work doing fashion illustrations with his unique, stylish, colorful sketches.

However, luckily for us movie poster fans, his fun, light, witty designs — much like those of the great Clement Hurel — will always be in style! (via Dominique Besson)

Miroir Miroir On The Wall…

Here’s two classic movie posters of the 1947 French twister, Miroir, from two classy French artists, Hervé Morvan and Boris Grinsson (this poster design is rumored to be his own personal favorite)…