Runnin’ the Gambits!

The characters posters for the new Coen Brothers movie, Gambit, are out — but will their adaptation stand up to the Michael Caine original (the French Grande poster on the right is by Boris Grinsson)? (IMP)

The Michael Caine Mutiny!

So how’s your Michael Caine impersonation? Here’s Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s funny takes of the famous actor from their new road movie, The Trip! (Btw, the classic UK quad poster below of Get Carter was done by UK/Italian design great, Arnaldo Putzu.)

Get The Great Carters!

Speaking of Get Carter, the Italian movie poster greatly mimics the classic Carter Beats The Devil magic poster, which was also the subject of a novel by Glen David Gold, and may be heading to the big screen soon…

Great Gambit!

With word that CBS Films was gambling on a remake of the original Michael CaineShirley MacLaine heist flick, Gambit (with Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz taking over the roles), I couldn’t help but flash back to Boris Grinsson’s extraordinary French Grande (left) and the original US one-sheet…

Remake Monday: Alfie

What’s it all about, Alfie? It’s hard to believe that at one point in time Michael Caine was a heartthrob on par to this generation’s Jude Law. Not that he’s not an incredibly charming, attractive, accomplished guy — but I guess I just can’t get those images of him from Blame It On Rio or Hannah And Her Sisters out of my head.

Remake Monday

From now on, every Monday I’m going to feature posters from remakes — so let’s get to work and start with the movie that recharged the Mini, The Italian Job (1969) vs. The Italian Job (2003).