Rolling Roadshow Poster Sale!

Jason Munn’s minimalist movie poster remakes from The Rolling Roadshow Tour are now on sale for $50 smackers. Get ’em while they’re hot!

(Btw, these copies for sale on Munn’s website are Artists Proofs with an edition of 30 each — if you’re into that kinda thang!)

Let The Good Times Rolling Roadshow!

The Rolling Roadshow Tour — brought to you by the movie-loving mavens at Alamo Drafthouse — starts tonight, and the schedule features a big platter of Texas-themed classics. And the posters by indie rock fave, Jason Munn, look pretty sweet, too. (If you recall, British artist, Olly Moss, did the sheets for last year’s show).

Jean Mascii Movie Posters!

Yesterday, I mentioned French poster artist, Jean Mascii — and if you aren’t familiar with his work, he is basically to 1960s dramas and westerns what Robert McGinnis is to James Bond’s US movie posters. In fact, he even did his own French rendition of Goldfinger.

But of course, Mascii was no one-hit wonder as we all can attest by admiring his bold, rich colorful portfolio of International one-sheets below…