Up In Arms!

The new bullet-laden teaser for Baytown Disco is not the first movie poster to show off its firepower — as seen below by the 2005 one-sheet for Lord of War and the classic 1960s shoot-’em-up film, The Professionals, with posters from American artist, Howard Terpning, and the French version by Jean Mascii. (ImpAwards and EMoviePoster)

The Gun Show

That lovable peacenik, Al Capone, once said in The Untouchables, “They say you can get further with a kind word and a gun than just a kind word.” Well, you wouldn’t know it by this post, but I’m actually an anti-gun advocate — except, of course, when it comes to the movies! Hypocritical? Definitely. But the (phallic?) symbol of the gun seems to be a universal theme everywhere in the world of movie posters.

So if you like these mean machine sheets, then you might like my other pals, Django, Dillinger, and the Twins.

Jean Mascii Movie Posters!

Yesterday, I mentioned French poster artist, Jean Mascii — and if you aren’t familiar with his work, he is basically to 1960s dramas and westerns what Robert McGinnis is to James Bond’s US movie posters. In fact, he even did his own French rendition of Goldfinger.

But of course, Mascii was no one-hit wonder as we all can attest by admiring his bold, rich colorful portfolio of International one-sheets below…

Who’s Got Next?

Now that The Expendables have blasted their way into our consciousness, it will only be a matter of time before these slew of action films get remade into something bigger and badder.

By the way, The Black Six featured a gang of ex-NFL players from the 70’s, so it would be interesting to see which current athletes/actors they would cast for that today…Hmm, how ’bout an NBA version with Shaq, LeBron, Kobe, Ray Allen, and Dennis Rodman to get the ball rolling?