Argentinean / Spanish / Mexican Movie Poster Artists…

bonnie and clyde spanish movie posters mac gomezoceans 11 spanish movie poster mcp

Mac Gomez                                        Estudio MCP

 Movie Poster by Osvaldo Venturilost weekend argentinean movie poster
Osvaldo Venturi                                  Essex

mogambo spanish movie poster janoblack magic cagliostro-argentinean poster aniram

Jano                                                  Aniram

los interesadasnacha regules argentinean movie poster rafmarius de zayas stieglitz metropolitan2
Ernesto Garcia Cabral        RAF                              Marius de Zayas

Mac World!

Welcome to the wonderfully passionate world of Spanish movie poster artist, Macario “Mac” Gomez. I could go on and on about this legend, but I think you’ll find Masats Xavier’s all things Mac Gomez blog much more complete and in depth (note: use the Google Translate button if you don’t speak Español).

Rolling Roadshow Poster Sale!

Jason Munn’s minimalist movie poster remakes from The Rolling Roadshow Tour are now on sale for $50 smackers. Get ’em while they’re hot!

(Btw, these copies for sale on Munn’s website are Artists Proofs with an edition of 30 each — if you’re into that kinda thang!)

Let The Good Times Rolling Roadshow!

The Rolling Roadshow Tour — brought to you by the movie-loving mavens at Alamo Drafthouse — starts tonight, and the schedule features a big platter of Texas-themed classics. And the posters by indie rock fave, Jason Munn, look pretty sweet, too. (If you recall, British artist, Olly Moss, did the sheets for last year’s show).

Bulletproof Posters!

I’m always amused at how past movie poster artists emphasized certain unusual themes for specific genres, such as crime films. So what happens when you design a German movie poster (Bonnie and Clyde), a French affiche (To Trap A Spy by Roger Soubie), and an Argentinean poster (Highway Pickup by Bloise)? Shattered glass!


Arthur Penn, an American director with a European flair, died yesterday at the age of 88. Undoubtedly most known for his shoot ’em up classic, Bonnie and Clyde, he was nominated for three Oscars and went onto work with some of the biggest names in the business, leaving an indelible print on the silver screen.