Up In Arms!

The new bullet-laden teaser for Baytown Disco is not the first movie poster to show off its firepower — as seen below by the 2005 one-sheet for Lord of War and the classic 1960s shoot-’em-up film, The Professionals, with posters from American artist, Howard Terpning, and the French version by Jean Mascii. (ImpAwards and EMoviePoster)

Solie Patrol!

Meet John Solie, yet another movie poster artist who now mainly does Western Art (Remember Robert Tanenbaum and Howard Terpning?). By the way, what’s up with all these ex-movie poster illustrators into Western Art? Maybe it pays better.

Anyway, Mr. Solie is well-known for his portraits of the well-known (i.e., celebrity portraits) and has done a ton of stuff for TV Guide, Reader’s Digest, and even NASA! I guess those astronauts must’ve loved Strange Brew.


Once called by The New York Times as “the most successful living American artist you’ve never heard of”, Howard Terpning illustrated many of the biggest Hollywood classics of the 60’s and 70’s. Like Robert Tanenbaum, he eventually moved on from movie posters to focus exclusively on portraits of Native Americans, cowboys, and the American West.

Check out the rest of his ter-pelicious portfolio here.