Argentinean / Spanish / Mexican Movie Poster Artists…

bonnie and clyde spanish movie posters mac gomezoceans 11 spanish movie poster mcp

Mac Gomez                                        Estudio MCP

 Movie Poster by Osvaldo Venturilost weekend argentinean movie poster
Osvaldo Venturi                                  Essex

mogambo spanish movie poster janoblack magic cagliostro-argentinean poster aniram

Jano                                                  Aniram

los interesadasnacha regules argentinean movie poster rafmarius de zayas stieglitz metropolitan2
Ernesto Garcia Cabral        RAF                              Marius de Zayas


Everybody’s favorite Scarface or, at least, the most popular is Al Pacino. But a lot of different actors have tackled the part of the notorious gangleader, or some B-movie bastardized version of the character.

So say hello to my little friends, which were created by the likes of such notorious poster artists as Osvaldo Venturi (bottom, left), Michel Landi (top, 4th on right), Rinaldo Geleng (top, far right), and Constantin Belinsky (bottom, middle).