Batman Girls and Villains…

Pool Posters!

Now that summer’s in full swing…everybody into the pool! (IMP)

Kim Novak Art Show

Don’t get dizzy, but Kim Novak, the star of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, is returning to the scene of the crime — in this case, San Francisco — to make a local appearance to celebrate her movies as well as donate the sales of her personal artwork to charity.

Joan of Arcs

Last week’s Hollywood Reporter profile of Mad Men star, Christina Hendricks, entitled “The Arc of Joan” — got me thinking about all of those other powerful Joan film adaptations that caused a firestorm.

Dors Delights!

One of the great things about vintage movie posters is you come across actors and actresses that you never knew existed — for example, take British bombshell, Diana Dors. Considered by many to be England’s answer to Marilyn Monroe, Dors was boffo at the British box office — but her career across the pond never fully took flight (mainly due to an over-controlling first husband and other Hollywood politics, I’m sure). She passed away in 1984 at the age of 52.

Regardless, even if you haven’t seen any of her films, the posters and titles alone are entertaining — Blonde Sinner, The Unholy Wife, Tread Softly Stranger, and Passport to Shame, to name a few. And if Ms. Dors was good enough for the late great Richard Dawson (her second hubby, the kissy-kissy host of Family Feud and The Running Man), then she’s good enough for me!

Golden Gate Bridge Poster Bash!

This weekend marks the 75th Anniversary of the great Golden Gate Bridge — so here’s a movie poster tribute to one of America’s most beautiful landmarks. That said, the glorious International Orange-painted bridge has dealt with its share of troubled waters over the years as 11 men were killed during its original construction — and it was also reported to be America’s #1 suicide destination in The New Yorker, which also inspired the compelling, but controversial documentary, The Bridge.

Regardless of its tragic history though, this iconic monument of early 20th Century manpower is still a stunner — happy birthday, Golden Gate!

What’s Your Question?

Inception-ing the Tree of Life

Two recent movies that I wanted to love — but, honestly, didn’t quite totally understand (although the visuals were stunning) were Inception and The Tree of Life. Luckily, my cognitive limitations didn’t prevent me from enjoying their maze-terful movie posters/marketing campaigns!