Look For the Silver Linings…

If you need a visual to differentiate today’s movie posters with one-sheets from the 1940s, then look no further than last year’s Oscar darling, Silver Linings Playbook, compared with the Boris Grinsson-designed French poster for Look For the Silver Lining (1949)…

silver_linings_playbookMovieCovers-39510-177248-LE GRAND TOURBILLON look for the silver lining french poster boris grinsson

White House Downers?

Another disturbing trend: American disaster movies. (IMP)

WHD_ONLN_1SHT_CPTL_01.inddwhite_house_down_xlgWHD_ONLN_1SHT_CPTL_01.inddolympus_has_fallenday_after_tomorrow_ver4independence day postercloverfield-movie-poster2012 movie poster

Hudson Hawn!

Like mother, like daughter — or, if Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson were a tag team wrestling duo, you could call ’em Hudson Hawk Hawn (not to be confused with Raquel Welch-port or Barbie Aniston)! Although neither family members have set the box office on fire recently, their history of romantic comedy movie posters are solid Gold-ie!(IMP)


Pummeled is the new Pretty?

Brutal movie posters. Literally. (JoBlo)


…or what’s old is bloody again! (IMP)


Baseball is Back!

MLB’s Opening Day is here!


The Wonders of Alcatraz!

The minimalist poster for the new Malick romancer, To The Wonder, bears a striking moodiness reminiscent of Alcatraz

to_the_wonder_ver9escape from alcatrazalcatraz tv show poster

Spring Bling!

With Spring Breakers opening wide this week, and Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring coming this summer, it appears that girls are the new boys thugs…

spring-breakers-poster The-Bling-Ring-poster-trailerjpg-744x1000spring_breakers_ver11


Oh yeah, and if you want to check out The Hollywood Reporter‘s mashup of HBO’s GIRLS and Spring Breakers, here you go…

There’s Something Funny About Mandy…

Seven years after its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is finally getting released into theaters — but it looks like their one-sheet took a page from Akiko Stehrenberger’s Funny Games. (Deadline)

all the boys love mandy lane poster 1shfunny games