Into The Mystics

Could two movies with similar titles possibly be any more different? I guess there’s a wide gulf between pizza and river — and possibly an even wider gulf between USA and Polish movie posters as seen below from Jan Mlodozeniec. (ImpAwards)

Z is for Zbikowski

I ♥ Maciej Zbikowski — but who wouldn’t love this Polish movie poster designer after seeing so many of his graphic love letters from the 1960s and 1970s on EMoviePoster and other sites…

Postering Polanski

Jan Lenica, the Polish poster wunderkind, had a unique relationship with fellow Pole, Roman Polanski, during the film director’s burgeoning career in the 1960s.

Although chiefly famous for his luscious theatrical/opera designs, Lenica added some blotchy-but-beautiful touches to many of Polanski’s eerie early films.

Gorka Park

The work of Wiktor Gorka (1922-2004), the pride of many Polish movie poster fans, is not to be messed with. Serving up Westerns as well as many other Hollywood and foreign cinema classics, including Moby Dick, The Professionals, and 2001: Space Odyssey, he gave us a picnic for the eyes right between the eyes…

Deconstructing The Stenbergs

Georgii and Vladimir Stenberg, aka The Stenberg Brothers, a pair of Russian Constructivist poster designers from the 1920’s, were largely forgotten until a 1997 MoMA exhibit restored their adventurous avant-garde legacy.

And this summer, The Tony Shafrazi Gallery in NYC once again revisited their finely-constructed prints (which I unfortunately missed!) — but it’s still available for viewing on the website. (via Posteropolis)

Hats Off To eMoviePoster…

Hang onto your hats, folks, because there’s another big worldly sale of International movie posters going on the auction block today at EmP!

Star Wars Sale!

CineMasterpieces has a big sale this weekend on eBay — featuring, most interestingly, a trio of Russian and Polish Star Wars movie posters…

The Conformist!

Nobody likes a conformist…except for these movie posters, especially the Polish one by Mlodozeniec (bottom left)!

Blow Up Ripoff?

It just occurred to me that maybe The Girlfriend Experience (2009) might have been a bit influenced by Waldemar Swierzy’s Polish version of Blow Up (1967) — which proves once again that good design is indeed timeless.