Birds of A Different Feather…

In honor of the upcoming Edgar Allen Poe-inspired The Raven, here’s a few more movie poster birds to gawk at, including The Birds by French artist, Boris Grinsson, as well as the Saul Bass masterpiece, The Birdman of Alcatraz (middle, in orange).

Olly Moss Comes To America

Dubbed “Poster Boy Wonder”, The New York Times had a nice Sunday write-up on Olly Moss and his new Captain America posters for Alamo Drafthouse.

His Rolling Roadshow Tour posters gathered no moss, so these Cap’n USA sheets will surely sell out quickly (if not already)!

Such Good Legs!

Wanna see a two-legged movie poster race featuring Such Good Friends (compliments of design guru, Saul Bass) and a 1980’s Charlotte Rampling movie called Mascara? (via IMPAwards)

Mondo + Movie Posters = $$$$

Movie poster trends come and go, but there is no doubt that the hottest new kid on the block is Mondo, the mates behind the Alamo Drafthouse, who have rejuvenated the morbid market with their revamped one-sheets designs for The Rolling Roadshow Tour from such graphic design prodigys as Olly Moss and Jason Munn.

So if you want to learn more about this newfangled limited-edition movie poster empire, check out Ben Marks’s interview with Mondo creative director, Justin Ishmael, on Collectors Weekly.

Happy Easter!

In honor of the upcoming Easter holiday weekend, I thought I’d take this Good Friday to celebrate the works of legendary 1960s and 70s stop-motion/animation studio, Rankin-Bass.

No relation to design icon, Saul Bass (although I could swear the RB logo is done in his trademark style), Rankin-Bass produced a basket full of memorable holiday kidsy classics, including Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Saul Bass-a No-No!

This weekend, I was cruising on the APF and came across this intriguing Saul Bass article posted by Big Mel at the MPC.

The article basically touts the work of Christian Annyas, a Dutch graphic designer, who has cleverly documented how modern DVD covers have eliminated the precious past movie posters of Saul Bass since the studios assume most potential customers don’t have the time or interest to reflect on the artwork of the original poster (which is illustrated below in these beloved Bass before and awful non-Bass after shots).

Hand Jobs!

Okay, don’t get too excited because this is just a simple tribute to movie posters with hands, including a few classics by such poster design legends as John Alvin (E.T.) and Saul Bass (The Man With The Golden Arm, In Harm’s Way, and Phase IV).

Remake Monday: Fearless!

It’s like a UFC cage match: Mitchum (1962) vs. DeNiro (1991).

And here’s the opening title sequence from Saul Bass

The Bassmaster (1920-1996)

On Tyler Stout’s website, I came across a clip of a documentary with design legend, Saul Bass. The man’s name and work are so iconic, it was interesting to see what the real person had to say.