Koo Koo For Kinski!

Who’s ready for a Nastassja Kinski comeback? Let’s get Cat People 2 going, baby! Or what about Snake People? Inspired by the famous Richard Avedon poster!

nastassja kinski snake serpent poster richard avedon

Polish Lichtenstein?

Are movie posters Pop Art? Just came across this Roy Lichtenstein-y Polish poster design by Jan Mlodozeniec for the 1980 sci-fi pic, Saturn 3 (top left), starring Farrah Fawcett…(EMoviePoster)

polish_26x38_saturn_3 poster jan mlodozeniecfarrah fawcett swimsuit posterhappy tears

Turkish Delights!

IMPAwards has named the Best Turkish Movie Posters of 2012. Although I’m not well-schooled in Turkey cinema, these International one-sheets by Ali Dogramaci showcase a certain flair.

yabanci turkish movie poster ali dogramaciel_yazisi turkish movie poster ali dogramaci

FilmPoster Blitz!

If you’re in the market for some super stylish film noir posters from Germany, then check out Helmut Hamm’s FilmPoster.net sale on eBay.de! (MOPO)

blue gardenia film noir german posterthe tattered dress german postertomorrow is another day film noir german postersleep my love film noir german poster

Who Says Print Is Dead?

While movie advertising has seemingly dried up and blown away over the last five years, check out this bold new print ad spread for the HBO series, Game of Thrones, in The New York Times…(Business Insider)

game of thrones newspaper ad

Jackie Robinson Steals Home

With Spring Training starting up this week, baseball season is sliding down upon us — so here’s the new Jackie Robinson Story one-sheet that just came out (titled 42). Let’s see how it stands up to the original…(IMP / FilmPosters)

forty_two_ver2jackie robinson story movie posterjackie robinson apple poster

All That You Wanted To Know About Top Billing…

…but were afraid to ask! Ben Schott of The New York Times breaks it down for you. (NYT)

nyt ben schott billing block

The Flash Man Cometh!

Fresh off his Oscars gig, if you haven’t yet seen Ted, the Seth MacFarlane summer hit comedy with a dirty-talking teddy bear — there’s a funny subplot involving the Mark Wahlberg character’s infatuation with the 1980 superhero film, Flash Gordon.

So what better moment to go back in time to match up that 80s classic with this old 60s French poster? (FilmsPosters)

flash gordonflashman french poster