EMoviePoster Trifecta!

There’s an International/non-U.S. poster sale ending today at EMoviePoster.com and I thought I’d showcase some of my favorite, but strange and wonderful artists.

In this corner, the Danish drama king, Stevenov…

Then there’s the Polish purist, Andrzej Krajewski

And last but not least, the French leg-man, Jouineau Bourduge

EMoviePoster For President!

Now for some shameless joint-promotion, here’s a web ad I created for every collector’s favorite movie poster auction house, EMoviePoster.com

Poster Crush: The Image Gallery

Over the past year or so, I’ve had my eye on a number of aesthetically awesome movie posters on Ebay and EMP, but I was usually always outbid. And often times it was by another bidder identified only as “Nicklyk”. So I wondered, who is this Nicklyk and why is he/she stealing away my dream collection?

Well, after some due diligence, I discovered that Nicklyk is Nick Lykiardopulo, the sizzingly stylish owner of The Image Gallery in Athens, Greece that specializes in Pop Art and, yes, movie memorabilia and advertising art (plus, he’s on Facebook!)…Unfortunately, since I can’t imagine I’ll be jetting to Greece anytime soon, I can only fantasize about what wonderful one-sheets he has adorning his gallery walls. Great stuff, Nick!

Today’s Specials

If you would like to add some old travel posters, pin-ups or even, yes, war propaganda to your collection, then EMoviePoster.com has some very special posters for you that ends today.

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgian Movie Posters…

…or French or Czech or Swedish or Polish. That’s right, hurry up and get over to EMoviePoster.com — because they’re having a big auction on a wonderful, colorful assortment of non-U.S. movie posters that ends today at 5pm PST.

You Say Dorero, I Say Obrero!

Last month, I wrote about an “unknown” artist named R. Dorero who did the Never Say Never Again one-sheet. Well, the reason this Dorero character was such a mystery is because he doesn’t exist!

The real artist who did this James Bond classic happens to be a very accomplished illustrator named Rudy Obrero who has done a whole slew of other movie posters, including The Postman Always Rings Twice, Oh God You Devil, A Fish Called Wanda as well as work on more recent pics such as The Cat In The Hat and Russell Crowe’s Master and Commander.

But I wasn’t the only one fooled — it appears that LearnAboutMoviePosters and EMoviePoster also made the same mistake. My best guess is that someone misread Obrero’s signature on the original Never Say Never Again poster and the search engines ran with it, thus the confusion. Anyway, the truth is that Rudy Obrero is the real creator behind 007’s NSNA and is still doing great work. So sorry, Rudy. I will never again mistake a Dorero for an Obrero!

Never Say Dorero

Just when I think I’ve seen about every James Bond movie poster artist out there, another one pops up…Case in point: R. Dorero, who created the Never Say Never Again poster, which was also Sean Connery’s last turn as 007. As for Mr. Dorero, his whereabouts are apparently also classified as not much information is available on him. But you can get the Lebanese version of NSNA for $23 at EMoviePoster.com!

EMoviePoster Goes Large!

If you’re into really big, oversized movie posters, you might wanna check out the auction that expires today around 5pm PST over at EMoviePoster.com. You can spend anywhere from $1 to $1,000+ (plus shipping, of course). Here’s a few of my funkier favorites…