Insta Movie Poster?

The makers of the Montreal-shot indie film, J’espere Que Tu Vas Bien, have reached out to Instagram users to create low-budg one-sheets for their marketing campaign — and the Instagramers came up with 87 different posters. Look out, Hollywood studio marketing departments — it’s a brave new world!

Vintage Reserve Posters

The new wine label-inspired one-sheet for The Master as well as the epic pub crawl-themed World’s End are looking font-tasty! (Imp/DHD)

Batman Posters

UPDATE: Despite the horrific shooting tragedy at the Dark Knight Rises midnight screening in Colorado, I thought we should shine a bat-light on all of the other previous versions of the famous franchise…

Batman Girls and Villains…

Pool Posters!

Now that summer’s in full swing…everybody into the pool! (IMP)

Ballester and Bass

Not too many movie poster fans mix up the rich tapestries of Italian artist, Anselmo Ballester (left), with the minimalist master, Saul Bass (right) — but here’s a strange similarity (although to be fair, the one-sheet for Phase IV, Saul Bass’s one and only feature directing credit, wasn’t done by the great Bass himself)…(Eatbrie)