Schoolhouse of Rock

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Way back in the day for Saturday morning cartoons, there used to be a little ditty called SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK (with voice-over by jazz trumpet legend, Jack Sheldon). Check it out, y’all!



The Return of Bruno Willis?

bruno willisAfter Moonlighting and before Bruce Willis became known as Ashton Kutcher’s ex-husband-in-law, he once put out an album called The Return of Bruno.
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Harry Potter Kicks The Swine Flu Bug’s Ass

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Of course, one should never joke about ill health, but since Rupert Grint’s okay, we can all laugh about it now, right? As Alan Alda once said in Crimes And Misdemeanors, “comedy is tragedy plus time!”.

Working Girls

Last week, Forbes reported that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were the two biggest female earners in Hollywood last year. Geez, that Brad Pitt sure knows how to pick ’em!

working girls1

Play Moneyball!

moneyball bookI’m bummed. Was really looking forward to seeing how Steven Soderbergh was going to pull off the adaptation of Michael Lewis’s bestselling baseball book about the Oakland A’s, MONEYBALL, starring Brad Pitt — that is, before Sony decided to yank it out of sight.

But let’s hope Pitt & Soderbergh can come up with the dough sooner than later…

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Flickr Pick: The Rock Vs. Jason

Walking Fast

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Hey, who needs another Freddy Vs. Jason rematch? They should bring back Sheriff Buford Pusser from the original WALKING TALL.

But I can understand why The Rock Dwayne Johnson had his character’s name changed to Chris Vaughn…You can’t go around town kicking butt with the name Pusser.

Where Have You Gone, Sean?

Last week, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Sean Penn is taking time off from making movies to spend more time with his family, so I couldn’t help but wonder…What if he had taken the last 20+ years off? Who else could’ve possibly filled those shoes?

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