Bad Dads.

From now until November 22, the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco is presenting an art show-based-on-a-film(s) called Bad Dads: A Tribute to the Films of Wes Anderson, featuring one of my personal faves, The Royal Tenenbaums


And just in time from Comic-Con 2011 comes In Time, the new 20th Century Fox sci-fi flick directed by Andrew Niccol (The Truman Show, Gattaca).

Captain Americas!

Box office bonanza or bomb? Check out GQ Magazine’s drunk night out with Captain America

The Michael Caine Mutiny!

So how’s your Michael Caine impersonation? Here’s Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s funny takes of the famous actor from their new road movie, The Trip! (Btw, the classic UK quad poster below of Get Carter was done by UK/Italian design great, Arnaldo Putzu.)

Tarantino Meets Django!

What do you know? Just last week, we featured the beautiful Italian movie posters by Symeoni and Gasparri from the 1960s spaghetti western, Django — and now comes word that Quentin Tarantino has just finished his latest script, Django Unchained, which will surely be a bloody, modern Southern-ized update on the much-heralded, though little-seen classic


The Magnificent Mel at Movie and PosterNirvana recently posted these tricked out UK teasers from the magical 2006 Christopher Nolan film, The Prestige (via APF)

Fantastic Movie Posters!

Here’s a smackdown of The Fantastic Voyage (1966), including a pinup/character poster of legendary sex symbol, Raquel Welch.

Fock This

ImpAwards has up the new character posters for Little Fockers

They’ve Got Personality!

Back in the mid-1940’s, Paramount hired Roger Soubie to do a series of French Personality Posters to promote its stars in Europe, most notably Veronica Lake, Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Lamour, and Ray Milland.

And if any movie studio needed someone that could highlight the beauty, radiance, and charm of its “product” — it’s apparent that Soubie was the right artist for the job.