Carrie On…

If you’re excited about the new Carrie reboot hitting theatres in March 2013, then you’re going to have to wait a little longer — as the film’s release has been pushed back to October 18, 2013 — just in time to capitalize on the pre-Halloween crowd. (IMP)

carrie poster 1976carrie french poster 1p jouineau bourdugecarrie movie poster 2013

Les Wiz!

With the latest incarnation of Les Miz booming at the box office, maybe Hollywood should remake another classic, The Wiz. (IMP)


Evil Dead Again…

What’s new is still dead. (IMP)

evil-dead movie poster mondo alamo drafthouseevil_dead

Stuck In A Rudd

From Judd Apatow comes another Paul Rudd production, This Is Forty…(IMP)

Django Double Feature!

Before Quentin Tarantino’s Django is Unchained across cineplexes on Christmas Day, there will be a limited release of Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 original film, Django, on 12/21 to give audiences some backstory of the spaghetti western. (Deadline Hollywood)

django_unchaineddjango italian movie poster2

Gambit’s Gamble…

The new Coen Bros remake of Gambit makes a bold Bond move by going old school with their latest one-sheet…(IMP)

Mondo Fever

You know your movie poster business is doing well when it’s featured in The Wall Street Journal — as The Alamo Drafthouse / Mondo Gallery mafia continues its hot streak.

empire strikes back poster alamo drafthouse mondo olly mossback to the future alamo drafthouse mondo

Skylights Out!

Looks like the James Bond producers are seeing the daylight at the end of the tunnel for the new Skyfall one-sheet…(IMP)

Happy Haunted Halloween!

Whether you’re spending this Halloween out haunting or staying in to nest, have a howlin’ good time!