The Women (and Men) In Red

From Boris Grinsson and Georges Kerfyser (right) come these red streaks…

Runnin’ the Gambits!

The characters posters for the new Coen Brothers movie, Gambit, are out — but will their adaptation stand up to the Michael Caine original (the French Grande poster on the right is by Boris Grinsson)? (IMP)

Viva Los Sombreros!

Hats off to these fine Mexican + French posters by Boris Grinsson (Viva Zapata), Guy Gerard Noel (Un Pistolet Pour Ringo), and Clement Hurel (La Cucaracha).

Meet The Sauvages…

Here’s some savagely beautiful sauvage (means “wild” in French) things from Boris Grinsson (top), Constantin Belinsky (The Wild One and bottom, middle), Roger Soubie (Hud, middle right), and Clement Hurel (bottom right)!

Grinsson Meets Gilda

As Julia Roberts’ movie star character once quoted Rita Hayworth in Notting Hill, “They go to bed with Gilda, but they wake up with me…”

Well, vintage movie poster fans should all be so lucky as Adrian Curry of MUBI recently posted a glamorous layout of Rita Hayworth posters done by Italian artist, Anselmo Ballester.

In response to Curry’s Rita rundown, I thought I’d share a few fabulous French versions of the actress beauty by Boris Grinsson –– courtesy of the wonderful poster blog, Art by Grinsson.

El Hombre?

I never need an excuse to boast the poster work of Boris Grinsson (seen below on bottom right), but ESPN’s story about slugger, Albert Pujols, recent signing with the Los Angeles Angeles gave me a perfect one…

Halloween Howl!

CRY…SCREAM…It’s Halloween!

Birds of A Different Feather…

In honor of the upcoming Edgar Allen Poe-inspired The Raven, here’s a few more movie poster birds to gawk at, including The Birds by French artist, Boris Grinsson, as well as the Saul Bass masterpiece, The Birdman of Alcatraz (middle, in orange).

Prohibition Is Prohibited.

I didn’t get a chance to see all of the new Ken Burns PBS doc, Prohibition — but what I did see definitely quenched my thirst as Hollywood’s favorite mobster, Al Capone, played a huge role…