Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby is not your father’s Gatsby — or even your grandfather’s or grandmother’s, for that matter — as it looks quite a bit more theatrical than previous film adaptations.


Will there be blood or frogs raining down from the sky — or perhaps male prosthetics involved? Lord only knows, but you can bet that Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of such contemporary classics as There Will Be Blood, Magnolia, and Boogie Nights, will be up to something original with his latest film, The Master.

Gangs of L.A.

There’s more to vintage Los Angeles than just movie stars and beaches — y’know, like transplanted mobsters, prostitution, and dirty cops!

So get out your tommygun because the new L.A. noir-inspired Gangster Squad is ready to plug a few more holes in the Hollywood sign. (IMP)

A Starlet Is Born

Move over Papa Ernie, there’s a new Hemingway hitting the silver screen — Dree Hemingway, the daughter of Mariel Hemingway, who will be making her big starring debut in Starlet at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, March 9-17 — and the one-sheet bears a striking resemblance to her mother’s star turn in Star 80 as well as her late Aunt Margaux’s flick, Lipstick. (THR)

Silent House Is Deafening…

The new Sundance slasher pic, Silent House, starring that other Olsen sister, Elizabeth — has a new “virtual” one-sheet out. Is this the wave of the future for the movie poster?

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t play well with Flash, so you’ll have to check it out HERE!

Boom Baby!

The character posters for the new belly-slapper pregnancy comedy, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, are now showing…(THR)

Flash-Rock of Ages?

Flashdance fans should be flattered. First, Coyote Ugly borrowed its plot — and now the new Tom Cruise hair metal band flick, Rock of Ages, is taking a cue from its key art.

Oh well. The trailer does look pretty good!

Thanks A Lot!

Meansheets thanks you for visiting the site and wishes all you movie poster turkeys a Happy Thanksgiving — with some help from one of my holiday favorites, Planes Trains and Automobiles

F-BOMB WARNING BELOW : Hey, but who doesn’t throw an F-bomb when you’re traveling for the holidays?

SPOILER ENDING BELOW: If you haven’t since this film by now (since it was originally released in 1987), I figure the statute of limitations gets me off the hook.

Hardbodies 2011!

It appears that Pam Grier and company are taking it off in Cannes for their new flick, Skinny Dip — and their movie poster cheesily resembles that barely memorable 80’s comedy, Hardbodies