Prohibition Is Prohibited.

I didn’t get a chance to see all of the new Ken Burns PBS doc, Prohibition — but what I did see definitely quenched my thirst as Hollywood’s favorite mobster, Al Capone, played a huge role…

Deconstructing The Stenbergs

Georgii and Vladimir Stenberg, aka The Stenberg Brothers, a pair of Russian Constructivist poster designers from the 1920’s, were largely forgotten until a 1997 MoMA exhibit restored their adventurous avant-garde legacy.

And this summer, The Tony Shafrazi Gallery in NYC once again revisited their finely-constructed prints (which I unfortunately missed!) — but it’s still available for viewing on the website. (via Posteropolis)

Built by Bilinsky

Fritz Lang’s 1927 sci-fi classic, Metropolis, could hardly be more timely now with today’s troubling economy pitting wealthy owners versus the working class.

And with the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this weekend, I thought it fitting to commemorate the work of Russian-born costume designer — yes, I said, costume designer — Boris Bilinsky (not to be confused with that other Belinsky), who also apparently dabbled in designing movie posters as seen below by these one-sheet architectural marvels that he constructed way back in the roaring 20s. (MoviePosterDB)

Throw Capone A Bone!

To finish off mob week, I figured we should go right to the top dog by featuring cinema’s most notorious gangster, Al Capone.

Several biopics have tried to capture the killer Capone, but I would pick out DeNiro’s performance in The Untouchables and Boris Grinsson’s French affiches of Rod Steiger as the best in the lineup — even though John Solie’s one-sheets of Ben Gazzara do make him look like a pretty badass version of the 1920’s kingpin…even if he is wearing spats!

Seeing Red

Speaking of EMoviePoster, they’re having their big four-part December 2010 Mini/Major Auction of one sheets, rolled posters, linenbacked items, and all sorts of everything ephemera…

Beverly Hills Shop!

If you are anywhere near the 90210 this weekend and have a few extra grand to blow on vintage movie posters, then you might want to blow it at The Heritage Auction Galleries on November 12-13 where they are hosting one of their yearly Live Signature auctions.

Although the prices are too rich for my blood, they feature some most amazing images from the early 20th Century and beyond…

Architecturally Significant Posters

They say talking about music is like dancing about architecture. If so, then that means that talking about movie posters that talk about architecture is like…really, really confusing.

In any event, I’m not sure if any of these qualify as great movies, except for Playtime and Metropolis — but they are pretty to look at!

Don’t Know Much About History…

Who says you can’t learn something new everyday? I came across this classic article on the history of movie posters and the National Screen Service, written by none other than longtime EMP dealer, Bruce Hershenson, way back in 1998. So I thought I’d share it with those who missed it the first time around…(via All Poster Forum)

Buried Treasure!

Speaking of real estate, the MoPo forum had a fascinating story last week about a man who discovered a whole treasure trove of vintage movie posters in his attic!