Movie Poster Paradiso!

Not to be confused with the 1980s foreign film, Cinema Paradiso, here are a couple movie posters celebrating some other Italian beauties (the one on the left is by Sandro Symeoni)…

SPOILER ALERT: The clip below features the touching ending of Cinema Paradiso, so in case you haven’t seen it, please be forewarned. On the other hand, it still is worth watching even if you haven’t seen the movie — but it just probably won’t be that touching.

Tarantelli’s Bastards…

We’ve heard of the great Tarantino, but what about Ezio Tarantelli? This illustrious Italian artist created a whole slew of “bella” foglios and locandinas for lots of 60s and 70s B-movies (much like Sandro Symeoni and Antonio Mos), including many spaghetti westerns — and he also had an inglorious basterd poster of his own design called Bastardo Vamos A Matar!

Brini Is Beautiful!

If the drawing styles of Toulouse Lautrec and Osvaldo Venturi were to meet up in a dark alley, then you might come out smelling like a rose with the bright watercolory beauties of Italian movie poster artist, Ercole Brini.

From The Bicycle Thief to Blow-Up, his romantic paintings posters added a touch of elegance to whomever was appearing in them — especially his striking, sophisticated portraits of women — as Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren would surely attest. And just his name sounds like one of today’s fashion world gurus…Georgio Armani, Henri Bendel…Ercole Brini! (via DominiqueBesson and MoviePosterDB)

More Mos!

His name sounds Spanish, but Antonio MOS, aka Mario De Berardinis, is one of the “mos” underrated Italian movie poster designers. Although his credits are mos-ly B-movies, his illustrations and unusual close-up style are mos decidedly A-list as seen below…

Ciriello Movie Posters!

Although he is generally not mentioned in the same breath as the incredible Italian trio of BallesterCapitani-Martinati, it is without debate that fellow Italian artist, Averardo Ciriello, is right up there with the poster kings of design when you take a peek at his astonishing résumé of Hollywood classics.

My only guess is that the illustrator’s choice of doing girlie pin-ups for the Italian erotic comic book, Maghella, perhaps soiled his splendid reputation later in life. Whatever the case may be, his gorgeous work cannot be denied. (via MoviePosterDB)

Symeoni Does Bardot

…but wait, let’s not forget these classic Bardots (And God Created Woman, The Night Heaven Fell) by Italian Stallion, Sandro Symeoni! (via DominiqueBesson)

Symeoni Says

If you’re into Italian movie posters, then surely you’ve seen the work of Sandro Symeoni. He might not have gotten the A-list jobs like the infamous BCM Studio, but his work was in many cases just as memorable

Up Close and Persona

I’ve actually never seen Persona, the 1966 Ingmar Bergman film starring Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson, but if it’s even half as cool as these posters than surely it can’t be that depressing.

The UK poster was designed by famed Academy Cinemas linocutter, Peter Strausfeld, and the Belgian version (middle) comes via the impressive MyPosterCollection, which also features a nice selection of Japanese posters.